I had severe problems with my sleep pattern and it was effecting my well being in a very destructive way. About a year ago a friend recommended Landon Acupuncture to me and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made, to receive treatment from Stephen. He is compassionate, professional, extremely knowledgeable and thorough. After a few sessions my sleep process began to improve and after a few more it improved so significantly that I can honestly say it was life-changing for me. We spread the treatments out little by little and the ultimate result was consistent nourishing much needed sleep! I am still enjoying the benefits of the acupuncture treatment I received at Landon Acupuncture. My experience was a remarkable one, a healing one, and a crucial one. It has transformed my perception of how health and balance can be achieved and my gratitude is inexpressible. I would not hesitate to recommend Landon Acupuncture, nor would I hesitate to return should I ever need this exceptional service again.


After 3 recurrent miscarriages, I was losing hope until I researched acupuncture online and found Stephen Landon’s practice. Stephen was the first professional that listened to me and I left that first initial consultation not only feeling relief but confident in the treatment plan. It just so happened that after my first acupuncture session with Stephen I found out I was pregnant. I was terrified however Stephen quickly adapted our sessions to aid my body in carrying a pregnancy to term and the GOOD NEWS is I now have a healthy baby boy. I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen Landon’s acupuncture practice.


I had suffered with my sinuses for ages and a friend of mine suggested to go to Stephen. You can tell that he is not only highly knowledgeable at what he does but he has a compassion for the job and the person he is treating. He goes above and beyond to sort the problem for you. The acupuncture has worked wonders on my sinuses which i’m eternally grateful for. I would highly recommend Landon Acupuncture to anyone.


I had been experiencing quite severe pain in both my feet, soles, heels and ankles, and up my legs for well over a year. I have attended Stephen Landon over past couple of weeks, and the pain has reduced and resolved almost to the point where I have forgotten how painful my feet had been. I had so much pain that walking was extremely difficult and my ankles felt weak, and now I haven’t got that pain, and my ankles feel so much stronger. Stephen assessed my situation and discussed each step, and I am so pleased with the results.


Stephen is an acupuncture genius! Hugely beneficial for me from the first session onwards. Going every week now. Delighted with my progress. Very grateful.


I have attended Stephen a number of times over the past year for support in shoulder pain and headaches which are now completely gone. Stephen is very friendly and kind, he really listens and gives great advice and support. I highly recommend Stephen for any chronic pain management from a holistic perspective.


I am very happy with Mr. Landon and with results of his work. He is very knowledgeable and is using different technics for treating patients. I recommend this clinic for everybody in need to improve their health.


This was my First experiance using accupunture. I had no knowledge of it and if it worked. Steven Landon. Explained everything to me how it works what to expect. I had no idea the wide range of treatment that Acupuncture works for both body and mind was in excruciating pain with sciatica i cried when i got up from seating and lying down . Now Im pain free and im carrying on treament for sleep problems . stress. Depression . Menopause . Hot flushes .And now ive my husband in next week for back pain sinus . Sleep problem. I cannot compliment Steven enough He is a compassionate Gentleman easy to talk too .Just to add Im realitivly new to the area so didnt know Steven only when started treatment . Im not be any means conected to LANDON ACUPUNCTURE in any way.


Both my husband & I attended Stephen for acupuncture for fertility & conception while undergoing IVF. I found Stephen to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly & positive at a time of great stress for us.
I found my sessions to be like therapy also as we became like good friends aswell as patient/ practitioner due to my regular sessions. We were very fortunate to have had success & continued treatment throughout my pregnancy – we are so grateful to Stephen for his care & treatment. I would recommend his service to anyone seeking an acupuncturist as he is gifted & so flexible to a patient’s needs.
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